The Big Idea behind Clarity

Using Visual Models to Solve Complex Problems

Drawing Toast was only the beginning. Pursuing clarity involves the creation of visual representations of all kinds of complex systems and models. Through visualization, we can increase engagement and alignment, and help you better understand the goals and challenges of your business or organization.

I was thrilled to explore the journey towards clarity in several talks at TEDGlobal 2013: Think Again.


Draw How To Make Toast

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Presentation to

TED Institute Partner Program

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TED Global Masterclass

Solving Wicked Problems

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Explore the big idea around clarity in an easy-to-follow and highly visual package. Learn about the insights you can gain from visual thinking, visual collaboration, and visual decision-making.


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How can different methods of arranging stickies and stories help us explore the past, understand relationships, and make group decisions easy and fun?
Find out in this manual for trying out new approaches to visual collaboration.


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Use this free and easily printable deck of cards to help ask new questions, find new answers, visualize your strategy, and communicate with team members.


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These multimedia materials can help you understand the importance of getting clarity on your challenges.

Draw How to Make Toast is part of Tom Wujec's ClarityTools collaboration system to help you get playfully clear about what's important in your organization.