Wicked Problem Solving ™ Questions for Organizations

Strategic Organizational Questions


Where is your organization now?
What is your noble purpose?
How are global forces shaping your business?

How are industry forces affecting you?

What is driving your market now?

What is your essential offering?

How will you delight your customers?

How will you stand out and win?

Where will you invest to grow?

What do you stand for?

What is your business model?

How will you track and measure success?

These questions illuminate how you can begin to see your business and life as systems to understand.

Tactical Organizational Questions


Where are you creating value in your current business process?

What is your approach to improving value? Why?

How will you attract more and better customers?

How will you get customers to buy?

How will you make your customers feel great at every touch point?

How will you build your offering more efficiently?

How will you do more of what works and less of what doesn't?

How will you help your employees thrive?

How will you run better meetings?

How will you respond to change more nimbly?

How will your team work better?

How will you measure your organization's effectiveness?

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